Hybrid Fitness is a new breed of gym. The first of its kind to offer multidimensional workouts that combine the top philosophies of training into one simple easy to follow program. These private training sessions are designed to be beneficial for all people of all ages and abilities. Sessions are goal oriented, fun, energetic, efficient, and aimed at achieving maximal results. Whether your just looking to tone up or preparing for an athletic event these workouts will be exactly what you need. With our trainers vast knowledge of exercise science, we offer a system that will boost confidence, increase strength, burn fat, and sculpt the body one desires.



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I found Hybrid Fitness here on Yelp a couple months ago as I had moved and was looking for a gym close to home. I called the number listed and Justin got back to me right away. He was direct, flexible, and transparent about everything I wanted to know about the gym/ fees/ terms, logistics, etc. This small, private, and plentiful gem has everything I need in a gym including some pieces of equipment I’ve yet to see anywhere else.
— Noah H
I love this gym. It’s small, but quaint. As compared to big gyms, you need to wait/fight with other members to use a certain item/machine/area. Here, you have all the equipment you need to get the job done without the hassle of fighting for parking or the equipment you need to use. I love the staff here.
— Erica N
Nico 1.2.jpg
The space is always very clean with top of the line equipment (the Pit Shark is awesome!). Also, since it’s an appointment only gym, I don’t find myself trying to fight with others for a bench or other equipment which is nice.

If you’re looking for a place to set some goals and reach them, Hybrid Fitness is the place to do it!
— Emily W